Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sleeps To Go...Better Not Cry

I haven't seen any actual evidence of this whilst out and about myself but I have been reliably informed via email, facebook updates, blog posts and ads that Christmas has begun to cast its long shadow into the world again.

And as always, it just seemed too early to be right.  So I investigated further only to discover that there are in fact 90 days until the fat man in the red suit (or whatever your version is) comes to town.

My first thought was ugh!!!  Immediately followed by 'hmmmmm, how can I embrace this in a sustainable-til-Dec-25 yet ridiculously childish fashion?'

So the new look Gidday From The UK blog has a guest attempt to bring a little festive cheer to the shortening days and fallling temperatures and to chart that rollercoaster of feelings (eg. excitement, dismay and the somewhere in between) that relate to any impending time of Yule. 

I may even try a little earlybird planning to get on Santa's 'nice' list... should also know that the Lil Chicky Birthday Countdown is also underway...only 23 sleeps to go Chicky!!!

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