Saturday, 27 March 2010

A Good Sort...

What is it about a glimmer of Spring-like weather that makes us want to sort...and not just have a little clean out but to sort obsessively, without forethought or preparation.

Spring is start to...well spring here in the UK and I have found myself in the midst of a sorting frenzy.  Everywhere I look there seems to be something to sort - shoes, clothes, books, papers, recipes, filing, kitchen cupboards, plants, projects - and I can be meandering through the day completely on schedule only to be subsumed into an 'I've had enough/I need to sort this now' fugue from which I emerge with a flush of virtuous 'sorted' satisfaction...only to be followed by an 'oops that took longer than I thought and now I really need to crack on and do the things I was actually planning to do' feeling of slightly, mild-ish panic.

Does this actually happen to anyone else (apart from me & J...he's a sorter too but not a thrower-outer...which explains why we still live next door to each other!)

Do you think that there is a completely rational, scientific explanation for this seasonal bout of obsessiveness?  Or am I just Monica-Geller bonkers?

Maybe an intervention is in order....
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