Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Place For All Seasons...

Two sleeps.

 That's right peeps. Only two sleeps to go.

I have two sleeps left in Kingston.

Nestled under the currently thinning winter canopy of the tree that has, for almost seven years, shaded the highs and the lows of this Australian abroad.

It has been my haven.
An oasis, tucked away at the top of the winding street.
A spiritual home.

Summer Shade
A place of happiness and heartbreak.
Of worry and frustration. Of peace and calm.

Autumn Colour
A place for all seasons.
 Where I succumbed to my love of books, brilliant skies and bracing British winters.

Winter Sunset
Where I wrote my first blog post, discovered the joys of an afternoon spent baking and picked my first blackberries.

A Burst of Spring
And it's almost time to go.

To leave my cosy front window.
To tap away in pastures new.

That's right peeps. Gidday HQ is on the move.


Anonymous said...

So where are your winter pastures going to be?

Linda A. said...

It's exciting as it must be to move on to a new home, new neighborhood, new outlook on life. Still, it must be difficult to reflect back on all that you have encountered while living in your safe haven. Take strength from the memories and move forward to build new ones.

catv said...

Good luck with the move, can't wait to read all about your new adventures :)

Unknown said...

Finchley, Jack

Unknown said...

Thanks very much Linda. I have ridden the rollercoaster of emotions this week but when I picked up the keys today, it all felt real and exciting.

Just have to move all my stuff tomorrow - just as well I hired 2 burly blokes and a van to do it all for me!

Unknown said...

Thanks Cat. And thanks for joining the Gidday Gang!

Charlie Wade said...

Good luck with the move. Make sure you remember which box the kettle's in.

Unknown said...

Thanks Charlie - there is a Costa Coffee just near the tube station for absolute emergencies!