Sunday, 11 March 2012

An Urban Thriller Part 1....

There's a mouse in my house.
An unwelcome guest,
A worry, a pain,
An unsightly pest.
For my pragmatic mettle, a test.

I thought I heard something
From my sofa this week
And when I looked up
My eyes caught a streak.
With a scurry, a squeak

It vanished so fast,
I thought it a dream.
No sign 'round the fridge
Where I thought I had seen
A tail most obscene

But last night there were noises
A few rustling sounds
So I tip-toed straight in
Stood my stockinged-feet ground
And waited.

And guess what I found.

With a flick of the switch
The room was alight
And against the white floor tiles
I took in the sight
Of a furry black critter
In flight.

So I turned off the light
And closed off the room.
And this morning I searched,
A harbinger of doom,
For something to rid that pest
From my room.

Now the trap has been set
And I patiently wait
'Til my unwelcome guest
Tempts its unwitting fate
By taking the bait....

Source: Andrea Borges on pinterest be continued


Anonymous said...

Lovely. Wait 'til you get a rat!

Charlie Wade said...

Great stuff. Looking forward to part 2.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hope you will not have too long to wait!