Sunday, 1 April 2012

Your 2012 Five A Day - April

It's April already. Seriously peeps, just where has the year gone?

This month's Violent Veg theme is acceptance, a topic much written about by expat experts the world over. When does your new country/city/town/suburb/street become 'home'? And what's important - speaking the lingo, making friends with the locals, finding your patch?

Maybe it's all three.

Eddie strayed onto the wrong patch, where some rotten vegetables...
...gave him a nasty veggie.
I've read that it takes 18 months to 2 years to feel settled in a new home. My own experience of moving to London echoes this with happy contentment arriving about 18 months into my foray into expat life.

So it would seem that my recent 'upping sticks' to Fab Finchley is still in its honeymoon phase and by my own reckoning, I have about 13 months 'to go'. But in lunching with an ex-Fab-Finchley-ite friend yesterday, I've suddenly discovered a few nooks and crannies to add to the list of fabulous-ness that I need to explore here. Beautiful gardens, stately homes and even a weekly soiree of the ballroom dancing kind may just be on the cards.

Just hope the natives I find there are friendly!

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