Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bliss For The Worker Bee...

This weekend is a Bank Holiday Weekend meaning some celebration of British-ness has given we worker bees next Monday off.

True to form, the skies have opened, the temperatures have dropped to single figures - 8C is the high for today, THE 5TH OF MAY (yes, that's me shouting) - and the forecast is not filling me with the hope of any improvement.

As usual.

But a damp-on-the-outside weekend can hold many joys.

Like a cover-to-cover reading of my beloved Saturday Times...

...some inspired planning for my Roman Holiday... 

  ...or a few choice flicks (thanks to a free trial from those kind folk at LoveFilm)...

...from the fabulous cosiness of the Gidday HQ couch.

But best of all?

I have nowhere I have to be and I have 3 lovely days in which to do whatever I please.

Now THAT'S worth celebrating.
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