Friday, 13 July 2012

Earn While You Burn...

There seems to be a bit of a theme developing what with London 2012 fast approaching.

Not only have I been mugging hugging torch bearers (OK just one then and it was before he was fired up and running) but last week I discovered some clever kinetics appearing underfoot during my commute.

In the continued spirit of running (or trotting briskly if you prefer), I have come across another brilliant idea, this time from Nike

It would appear that those south of the border (down Mexico way) have designed a pair of clever clogs...literally.

Apparently the more ground you cover, the more currency you earn. Which you get to spend by bidding for things on their auction page.

It's called Subasta de Kilometros (Auction of Kilometres).

I wonder what I could buy for a gentle stroll?


A Special Sleeps To Go Alert: 
Did you realise that there are only 19 sleeps to go until Birthday Number 43 arrives and waves its magic wand to...well...who believes in fairy stories anyway. But the rules say it's the one day of the year where it's all about me so get your skates on peeps...I'll be expecting a little celebratory sparkle.
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