Thursday, 27 September 2012

Some Observations on Mid Life...

I wrote last week about my penchant for the peculiar...well this week I have come across something that I cannot bear to be true.

It just dropped right into my Inbox and before long, Iconoculture's latest Observation had me shaking my head in vigorous denial.

You see, Kathryn Milner has reported that instead of a girls’ night out, some Australian women are dressing up and drinking tea.

Excuse me, I think not. Who are these women? After all, this is the land of quintessential casual - the Ugg, the barbie and thongs of more than just the foot variety.

The Havianas Thong Challenge - an Australia Day institution in the making
Kathryn has also supplied a definition of high tea: 'a light meal served before 5pm'.

Well, I think that source is questionable. EVERYONE knows that a high tea is no light meal. It's like saying a marathon is a gentle stroll in the park. And tea? A 'high tea' not really complete without a spot of it?

And finally, here's the sting in the tail - the 'lifestages' that this trend most appeals to.

I may have left Young Adult-hood behind a few years ago but let me tell you right now, this Aussie sheila is no 'Midlifer'!

So to provide a more balanced view of an 'Australian in midlife' crisis, I offer in evidence:


Cupcakes and Champers - it's Lush!

and this...

A Commuting Gem

and especially this...

The Rides

So let me sum up by saying that this little black duck is not quite ready for Iconoculture's version of Mid-Life... just ahead is where it shall stay!

Now where are my slippers?


A-down the hill said...

Darl, it occurs to me that we may need to update me from A-down the hill to A-across the sea. Anyway, I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for an appropriately boozy high tea venue for your next visit. Unless you want to visit the intriguing whiskey and korean fried chicken place we found last week. Love you xx

Unknown said...

Yes we do need to update you. i used Seattle A here:
and here:

but you can choose the one you want!

Love from me and London

ps korean chicken? champers high tea? hmmm tough call..

JANE said...

God Lord!
Surely this can't be correct? Aussies dressing up for High Tea?? Without champers??
I can only assume this is the media at it's worst, perpetrating lies and myth of the most appalling kind.
!f it's not reported on the BBC then take it with a grain of salt... or a cucumber sandwich...

Jack Scott said...

Maybe a wee dram in the tea to make it 'high'?

Unknown said...

Jane yes it is an absolute disgrace - this is a perfect example of the media travesty called making up stories!

Hmmm I wonder what cucumber marinated in champagne tastes like?

Unknown said...

Ha lovin' your work Jack! Dram indeed...

Unknown said...

'Wee' dram? Surely you jest, Jack. I'm with you Kym. When faced with the proposition of a 'high tea', the question is begged...why??? Now a high Champers, that I could support.

Unknown said...

Linda maybe there's a business idea in that...High Champers hmmm.

In any case, maybe we've hit on our overriding theme/raison d'etre if we ever have the opportunity to meet. I make some of my most fabulous friendships over alcohol!