Saturday, 1 September 2012

Your 2012 Five A Day...September

This month's Five A Day pickled offer from Violent Veg seems more than a little apt given my August of foodie frolicking and wet whistling.

The month started off not so well with the only thing pickled being me as I fought the last vestiges of chickenpox with solitary cake consumption. But things picked up and soon I was off to Barcelona for a little city break with Seattle-A. A social month followed with several long overdue catchups (over drinks naturally), a sojourn at the opera, a Turkish feast (complete with some compulsory participation in the national sport of belly-dancing) and finishing with a little social DIY: painting the town multicultural and then an audit to reinforce the foundations of friendship.

So what multicultural pickling opportunities could possibly be left as we head into Autumn?

As you read this I will be enjoying a short break in Krakow. It is higly likely that amid the history and splendor of this medieval town, I am finding a few opportunities to sample a  local beverage or two. Stay tuned for more about my exploits soon.

This week I will be enjoying a final London fling with Seattle-A before she and hubster jet off to pastures new. And I'll be booking my first trip to the city of Starbucks - although I expect I'll be looking for beverages of a different kind.

I'll be hearing the people sing again on a figurative visit to France as this month I have booked to see Les Miserables. I saw it for the first time when I was 17 and it remains one of my favourite musicals. There might be a tipple or two at intermission.

So we move away from potential travels to culture of a different kind: fashion. Ballgowns to be exact. The V&A has an exhibition running, British Glamour since 1950, which features ballgowns and evening dresses galore. And what goes better with posh frocks than a spot of champers?

So that's my pickling month planned peeps...what are you up to?

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Unknown said...

I don't know where to start: somehow missed you'd had chicken pox (dreadfully sorry, hope it wasn't too bad as it can be so nasty), would love to go to Krakow (Husband went several years ago and really enjoyed it, wants to return) and/or see Les Miz in France. Seattle is a fun little city, you'll find good seafood/fish and lots of local stuff to tipple (beer, wine, other). Do keep us posted on your 5 A Month - hilarious!

Unknown said...

The chickenpox has been well and truly confined to annals of Hamer history Linda. In fact I am sure I have Post Traumatic Stress as result of its festering horrible-ness.

Thanks for your wishes - they are still much appreciated after the fact. Let me reassure you that I a not planning on an encore performance!

Kym Hamer said...

Hey Linda, me again! Thought I should be clear that my Les Mis liaison will be in London...not quite as glam as popping across the channel but I'm excited all the same...