Friday, 19 July 2013

The World's Coolest Bottle Opener...

So the big birthday bonanza is on and this year, first card past the post(box) is from Mum.

She's gone for a very practical design this year. Knowing how much I like a vino or two, she's come up with something I've actually been looking for all my life - the perfect bottle opener.

It's a mix of 'easy on the eye' and getting the job done. Style meets pragmatism if you will. 

It's not quite handbag-sized but I could see myself taking it everywhere.

(Although popping my cork on a whim may not be entirely appropriate in every situation.)

Oh what's that?  You'd like to see it?

Well if you must...

Only 13 sleeps to go peeps...NOW I'm excited...

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