Thanks for dropping in.

I'm really thrilled that you're here. 

I'm Kym and until August 2008, I had never blogged, posted or commented on a post/blog.

Now, I can't wait to tap tap tap away, whether it's to share something new, drop in on my blogging friends to check out what they've been up to or explore the big wide world of blogging. 

This is seriously addictive!

Anyway, when I was asked to submit my first guest post and had to put together a bio as well, I thought it was about time that I add a page to introduce myself and to make sure you feel at home.

I've since moved to a new website at I've managed to successful migrate all of my posts across too (hooray!) so feel free to pop across and have a stickybeak / fossick around everything I've been wittering on about since I began. The door's always open...


Kym x

My Offical Bio - the one I send out!

Kym is a 40-something Aussie who has lived in the UK since January 2004. She spent her formative years in parts of Australia that have been subjected to either savage bushfires, cyclones with innocuous-sounding names or have been under water - sometimes all three. She spends much of her time people-watching, reading, eating, reprioritising chores after all of these things and wishing she could bake better cakes like her insanely talented friends. She is fascinated by snow and her favourite word is Why? and yes, that is always with a question mark.

Faced with the challenges of time and distance when staying connected with family and friends back in Oz, she started her blog Gidday From The UK, which not only became their glimpse into her 'everyday moments' but reignited her passion for writing and she now wonders where it all might lead.