Sunday, 31 July 2011

Twas The Night Before Birthday...

Twas the night before birthday
And all through the land
The excitement's been building
The day off is planned.

Yesterday's Vintage
Was a trip back in time
From disco to swing dance
And fashion sublime.

And today we've done polo,
With divot and chukka,
The picnic we had
Was definitely pukka.

So sun-kissed and dozy
I'm back at my screen
At my cosy front window
To muse where I've been.

41 has been tough
With 'curve balls' galore
And it's been hard not to miss
The good life from before.

But finally it seems
The sun has come out
And its warmth on my face
Reminds me what it's about.

Old roads and new paths
To defend and to chart
With family and friends
Those close to my heart.

So on this night before birthday
As 41 fades away
I fondly wave it farewell
And bid 42 'Gidday!'


JANE said...

You seriously need to write more poetry. Here's to 42 being the best year ever!

Unknown said...

Thanks Jane - on both fronts! The first verse had been rattling around in my head all day so it just kind of...came out. ;-D

Linda A. said...

Hartlijk (belated) gefeliciteerd voor jou verjardaag!

When you celebrate a birthday, you REALLY celebrate. Sounds like an exciting, fun-filled time. Way to do it up. Loved the poem.

Unknown said...

Dank U Vel Linda!